• Director Campus Life Studying and staying away from home creates exciting learning experience like combine studies, mutual discussions, debating, etc. that add attraction to residence life and students find support, solace while facing challenges during their college life.

  • Director Campus Life Being a residential institution we believe that students need to be in an environment which is conducive for the overall development of their personality. Residence at Karunya includes more than just academics, where the students get opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities which help enhance their talents and skills.
  • With various programs that are organized through Clubs/hostel events on a regular basis, the students can nurture their talents, serve the society, showcase their leadership skills, and much more. This website gives you a glimpse of what’s in store for you. Hope to see you on campus soon!
  • I thank god for giving me this wonderful opportunity to testify about the marvels he has done so far in my life The Gracious God has blessed me abundantly both in academics and sports. God has given me the ability to give equal weightage to both and till today I am thankful to him for that. After Schooling and with no plans about what to do and where to go, God showed me a way by bringing me to Karunya. After joining Karunya I began to grow closer to God. In Karunya, God had blessed me with 8.2 CGPA and has never let me down even In a single semester. God did not stop with this, he now has abundantly blessed me with dual placements in Capgemini and Accenture. I thank and praise him with all my heart and would continue to be a testimony for him through my life.

    Anthea Rodrigues, IV B.Tech Biointormatics

    God has done wonderful things in my life. His plans are greater and wonderful than the plans I had for my life. He made me join Mechanical Engineering in Karunya University. Karunya is a good place to grow spiritually and academically. There are Prayer Cells organized in the hostels every day, which is very helpful to get close to the Lord. God picked me up from the miry clay, molded me and put me on the rock to stay. The main blessing to me and all the karunyans is The Bethesda International Prayer Center present adjacent to our University campus. I go to Bethesda every day and spend time with the Lord. This has blessed me a lot in my life. Even before I could complete my 7th semester the Lord blessed me with a placement in the core company 'Quest Global’, Bangalore. The Lord shaped me into a better person here in Karunya. God has blessed me according the scripture verse Romans 8.28. when we submit our life to the will of God, He does wonderful and miraculous things.

    Kevin Mithun R, IV B.Tech Mechanical Engineering